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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

there is this man he says i will give 5 billion dollars to anyone that can stand still the longest and after 7 years there is only 2 guys left and the second guy falls and the first guy stands still and cryed and the man that is giving the money says are you crying because you won and the guy says no i'm crying because i'm going to need 5 billion and one dollars to walk again

alternate ending : the second guy falls and crys and the fist guy leaves with the money and the man that gave the money say are you crying because you fell and the guys says no i'm crying because i thought if i waited in this contest long my wife would leave me but she called me and said i will be waiting for you and we have a lot of stuff to catch up with and thats why i fell untill she said that i got the wrong message and that message was suppose to go to the gardener

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