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Penis girth is more important than length (says girls), so I don't know why we care so much about length instead of girth. Here is a quick survey about penis girth:

How old are you? - 14
Are you male or female? (If you are female, just answer the last 2 questions) - male

What is the girth of your penis when erect? (NOT diameter, but measure around your penis..) - 3'~3'5

What is the girth of your penis when not erect? - didnt measure but i thinks around 2'

If you could add/"remove" 1/2" or more to/from your penis (Length AND/OR girth), how much would you add/remove? - 1'5

What do you think is the perfect penis LENGTH? - 6'
What do you think is the perfect penis GIRTH? - 4'
Thx for answers - np ^^

can i request it to become sticky? because i think everyone just care about their length but not girth, i think both of them are important too
futhermore, i think... **a too short or too long length** or a **too big girth or a too short girth** will let your partner feel uncomformtable or not reaching the 'climax'...

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