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Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
All of societies morals like don't steal, kill, wish harm to others, respect others come from religions

So if religion didn't exist we'd problably have developed these morals alot later

But the only thing I've got to say tot he guy who keeps on waiting for me and alot of people to stop living a lie is

That if you feel the need to disprove and smudge someones beliefs that only proves that you are insecure about your own
This sounds a lot like the last time I had this discussion. Please prove to me that all morals come from religion. Certainly it is popular to believe today that religion prompted law, but what is your evidence that norms against murder, stealing, etc., did not exist before religion?

The answer to that question is you don't have evidence, except the popularity of the belief in primacy of religion. For all we know, it could have been some atheist cave man who wrote down the Ten Commandments and left them on some mountain. Or, there could have been prehistoric societies using non-religious, oral laws. We just don't know.

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