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i AM against suicide and self harm but i never stop thinking about it, like i was talking to this one girl who i dont care for any more, she was mad at my cousin and said she hated him wish he got killed i was like yeah right you would cry she was like yeah maybe then somehow the question got out if i were to die would she cry she was like pff i bearly know you (we talked every day online for like 6 months, i also hung out with her quite a few times) and i was like haha? and she was actually serious, but i always think if i were to actually die who would go to my funeral.....because that shows you how many people REALLY care about you...and for me its my fam......and not a lot of fam etheir , every time i make good friends i move..........but.....its not bad to think about, its bad to do...i guess thats kind of what my dad did....he died because he felt no one no longer cared....proved him wrong on that one .........i am sure VT cares about you doesnt want anything to happen but the question always haunted me who would actually show up for a funeral....

<3 Katie
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