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Location: New York

Age: 15
Height: 5'10
Weight: 150
Build: medium
Nationality: irish/german
Country that you live in: USA

Penis length when hard? 7 inches
Penis girth when hard? 5 inches
Penis length when soft? 4 inches
Penis girth when soft? not sure
Are you circumcised? yes
Is your penis Straight, bent to the right, bent to the left, points downwards, pointed upwards? striaght but leans a little left
Are you happy with your penis? yes

Do you masturbate? yes
How many times a day? 1-2
How many times a week? 10-14
Do you spit or dribble? both..depends on how long i hold in my cum
Is your cum white/pale/clear? pale
How much cum do you produce? if i go along time alot...if i go quick,a little
Do you produce pre-cum? yea
If so how much? not alot
Do you use lubrication? yea
If so, what? i use spit/lick my hand..ive used vaseline a few times
Do you look at porn whilst masturbating? sometimes
If so what type? les, straigt, single girls
Where do you masturbate? my room or my family room when no1 is around...sometime my bathroom/shower
Do you masturbate Naked or with clothes on or both? both...usually with clothes on
Do you masturbate on your own? most of the time
Have you ever masturbated with a friend? yea
Have you ever maturbated your friend? no
Has your friend ever masturbated you? no
Has anyone ever masturbated you? no
Did you enjoy it? i enjoyed masturbating with him

Have you ever compared penis sizes with anyone? yea
How did you compare penis sizes? i was 2nd biggest..lost by about 1/8 of an inch
Have you ever had a blow job? no
Have you ever given anybody a blow job? no
Did you enjoy it? n/a
Have you ever tasted your own cum? yea
have you ever tasted anybody elses cum? no
Have you ever had sex? no
With which gender was it with? n/a
Are you Straight, Gay or Bi? straight
Do people know that you are Gay,Straight or bi? yea pepl know im straight

Do you have pubic hair? shave
Do you have Leg hair? yea
Do you have Chest hair? a little
Do you have Facial Hair?shave
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