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Originally Posted by nwshc
Why would he waste his time?
Exactly. That would take me forever.

Originally Posted by SocKs
just so you know, anybody could find a screenshot of vista, grab a screenshot of VT, make it transparent, and slap it on the vista screenshot.
What's your point? Have you read anything I've posted so far? If you had, it'd be blantantly obvious that I have it. Like I said. I could take a Picture with my Camera, any program, and situation, etc.

Also as I said, If you've read everything I've said, and looked at those MS links, you'd see that Vista 5219 "Beta 2" exists.

What makes you so skeptical that I have it? I have MSDN. It's listed right on there.

What would I have to gain from Lying about it? Nothing. I have no reason to lie any make myself look like an idiot.

I'd like to hear your comments. Just, next time, try to be more extensive on your posts. One sentence that addresses nothing that I showed you above basically stating "I don't want to read your obvious reasons you have it, I'll just assume you're lying and say you faked it."

Nice Argument.

- Bill
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