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Originally Posted by SocKs
Alright, well your bullshiting that those screens are your computer. My MITA instructor showed me Vista on a computer. It's Beta 1 Beta 2 isnt to be released until November.

Plus, if you really had it, you wouldent be trying to prove that you did have it, because you wouldent care.
Haha. I don't care if you don't believe me. I just like proving people wrong. Especially when I'm right. (Which is always )

Did you show him the screenshots? Did you see that the Vista on his computer looks EXACTLY the same as this one?

I know it's not officially in Beta 2. I explained why it says Beta 2. You gotta learn to read. Apparently it's a transition thingy. Do your research. Here, just because I'm nice, and I don't like it when someone calls me a liar, and says I'm bullshitting them, I will find you some links which you can look at.

And how do you know your MITA Instructor knows what he's talking about? Just because he instructs that certification, doesn't mean he knows everything to do with Microsoft. Especially Beta and prerelease products.

Since I'm getting a little annoyed at your ignorance, I'll just give you a few links which have some screenshots. As you can see, mine are the same, except the background.

Click on some of the 5219 Links on this page:

Or, if you're lazy, here's just one link:

You can also look at the PDC 05 Screenshots. They are the same, except it says PDC Instead of Beta 1 or 2. All 5219 (Listed with Beta 2) is, is PDC with a different version listed on the desktop, and they removed the sidebar. But, It's not hard to get the sidebar back.

Would you like me to take my Camera and Take a picture of it running Vista? Jeeze, some people are just so ignorant. Just because you're uninformed, you automatically assume it's fake. Do some research, my friend, and you shall be come the wiser. Believe me, you may think you know everything, but you don't. I've been working with computers for a very long time, and I've tested LH 4074, Vista 5112, and 5219. I know what I'm talking about.

Oh, here's a link to MICROSOFT's site, where it shows Images from PDC 2005, if you know what that is.

Here's another:

And I quote:

We're going to continue that today. We're going to be giving you an intermediate build between beta 1 and beta 2, build number 5219. It's a build that isn't beta 2 and it's got lots of issues in it. Nevertheless, it shows our progress that we're making, and we're very proud of the way we're building the software today.
Right there. That's why it says Beta 2 in some places, and not others. It's halfway between Beta 1 and 2. It's not 1 or 2. Like I said. The Final build deemed Beta 2 officially will be in November, supposedly, yes.

EDIT: Okay, know how you said that those screenshots weren't from my computer? Explain, then, how I have my second screenshot I posted is of this site ( That's the main reason I said you could chose anything in Vista for me to take a screenshot of. Make it as hard as you like to fake. The harder the better, since all I have to do is hit Print Screen. Isn't this fun?

Keep the reasons why it isn't authenticate coming. I'll sit here and disprove all of them. See, that's what you can do when you are telling the truth.

- Bill
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