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I have a question for anybody who's religion has a holy book that they follow.

Why do you base your faith off of what a book tells you? I'm going to use the Bible as an example, but this pertains to pretty much any religion with a holy book.

The Bible was first created in some way or form a long time ago, in some language that may not be existent today (The oldest copy we have may be in a language we know of, but we have no proof that it is the first copy). For thousands of years, the Bible has been printed and reprinted by hand many, many, many times. It has also been translated through many languages, and as we know, sometimes what makes sense in one language may not make sense in another language.

Now, as the Bible has been reprinted many times, and it is such a big book, there are going to be thousands upon thousands of mistakes in it, and variations from the original translation. There was a period during the middle ages where there was no forms of punctuation, no space between words, and no coherent use of capitals, and when a copy of he Bible was made, the whole thing had to be written out by a monk. Now, many times, the monks wouldn't be able to understand what was written there, so he just wrote down what he thought should be there. Sometimes, something wouldn't make sense to him, so he would just decide to change it in a way that made him happy. And every time the Bible was copied, or translated, there were many errors and mistakes.

So why would you have faith in a book that is very, very different from the first version. The first version was where God's teachings were written down, (Unless the Bible was made up) so every time someone quotes a passage from the Bible, or preaches from the Bible to someone else, they are in no way preaching God's original teachings. Maybe in the original version of the Bible, God wholeheartedly approved of gays, and something got switched around in the translation.

3000 years (or however long) is a long, long, long times, and with the Bible going through that many translations, there is no way that the original teachings were severely corrupted from there original state.

Not trying to attack anybody by this, I just don't get why someone would have any faith in a book which had that many mistakes in it.
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