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I can officially classify this day as one of the worst ones I have ever had. I'll start from the beginning (this does have to do with carly, so bare with me).

I wake up late and almost miss the bus.
I get to school and accidentally leave my agenda and first period folder in the band garage, which is locked. I ask a teacher for the key, and she bitches out and says no (they are still there now, after school).
I am late to my frist period class.
After first period, I got to my locker and realize my id card was stolen. Ryan (the guy who took carly to the dance, pretty ironic, huh?), whos locker is right beside mine said he saw who did it, so I report the kid to the office.
I get to four period and bomb a test.
This is the one I regret the most. I get to fifth period and we have to choose partners to do a science packet. None of my friends are in this class so i have to go with this asshole named DJ, who has no friends. This is actually when I go report that kid for stealing my ID card. when i get back, i find out that two groups had to go together and compare answers. and guess who the hell my group, or rather, dj got paired up with. Carly! i had under two minutes to compare answers with her. thats all. if i hadnt gone to report the kid, i would have had half of the class period to be with her. now remember that, because it comes in later.
I get to math and find out I got a D on the test.
Seventh period I get called down to the office because they found the kid that stole my ID card, and they gave it back to me.
After 8th period, I'm at my locker, and the kid who stole my id card comes over and threats to beat me up because I got him suspended.
Now look at this. If I hadn't reported that kid to the office, I could have been with Carly, and I wouldn't have been threatened to have the crap beaten out of me. Not to mention that the school was on lockdown all day, i have a shitload of homework, and i have band tonight. this day sucked ass. what did i do god?

A gathering of angels appeared above my head
They sang to me this song of hope, and this is what they said
They said come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me
Come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me

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