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Hitler used the terrible levels of unemployment, hyper inflation and the fall of the wiemar government (coalition democratic government).

These three things meant that ppl looked to extremists for the answer. The nazis and the socialists were the obvious choice. Due to clever propaganda and his "hypnotic" speeches Hitler's popularity grew. He realised what the people wanted so he continued to promote it. He made cars, radios and televisions affordable and used it to increase support.

Organisations like the Hitler Youth also helped build support. The protestant churches were used as propaganda outlets, as were schools.

As the Nazis power rose and Hitler became Chancellor, he was able to manipulate events such as the Reichstag (government building) Fire to eliminate the Socialists from the Reichstag. He then got President Hindenberg to give him total immediate unchallenged power for four years. Obviously he didnt give up these powers after the agreed four years.

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