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Hi i am jon
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Default only reply if you know girls very well, or if you are one..

hi again people, learn to love me yet? hehe, well any who,
my step cuzin lives in chicago i talked to him met all his friends talked to them met their friends so every one i talk to lives about 30 miles away, and there is this girl i talk to, usually we hit it off well, usually she flirts with me a little but eh you live once so party so i flirt back... but then i was getting the impression she liked me, and i wouldnt mind that because i do have a little thing for her....soo all is good and well?, no every time i figure out whats going on she changes it like once i thought she liked me now she is actin a bit odd, like when i joke around with stuff like "yeah we can get comfy on my bed infront of the fire place" she responds with "what do you mean we, get comfortable by your self" may be because i just got done arguin with her friend but i dont think so because things like this happen every 2 weeks for the past like 4 months (only recently started thinking she likes me) because i already thought it may be that time of the month, but i dont know, i confused on this whole situation...any one have any idea whats goin on?

<3 Katie
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