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Originally Posted by SocKs
No, not the pages on the Z axis, you can do pages on the Z axis as well, I mean the actual icons, you will be able to zoom around your desktop like a free moving camera on a video game.
Eh. I dunno. That's how they are right now.

Originally Posted by SocKs
show us a document, and a shot of your start button. Send me a message on AIM or somthing sometime, I'll host it for you.
Too lazy to wait until you're online. Trillian says you're offline, so I'll just upload them along with a few extras I thought might be handy:


Taskbar (Hover mouse over a tab on Taskbar):

System Properties:

Setup (Autorun on Vista CD)

Screensaver (Cut out the logo from the default Screensaver):

My Computer:

Media Center:

Games Folder:

Driver Pack:

Document (In Wordpad)

Control Alt Delete (Screen that cames up when you hit those buttons):

Control Panel:

OS Version:

Whew! That took a while to crop and upload. Jeeze.

Originally Posted by SocKs
Also, half a gig of RAM isnt enough to run Vista.
I dunno. Seems fine with 512. It actually has 200 Megabytes of RAM free at the moment. So, It'd say it's fine right now. May not be when they actually finish it, but for now, it's fine.

Originally Posted by SocKs
I'll just save a few files to my server and show them to my MITA instructor tommorow, see what he thinks.
Okay. Have fun with that.

Originally Posted by SocKs
Also, they are completley rewriting the operating system, so I find it hard to beleive that it will resemble XP so much.
Well, It doesn't look like they did. Or, if they did, they did a good job at making it look pretty much the same. Right now, mainly what it is, is XP with added features. There's not a HUGE amount of difference right now.

Originally Posted by SocKs
Also, I like how you have Beta 2, and microsoft only has Beta 1.
Yeah, that caught my eye too. Build 5112 (Beta 1) Which I had before this build, said Beta 1 on it. And, so did the End User License Agreement. But, for some reason, this build says Beta 2 on the Desktop, and on the "Install Windows" Screen as shown above. Yet, the License Agreement, as you can see above as well, doesn't. It still says Beta 1. I think they started transitioning to beta 2, but haven't changed everything yet.

If you look around, every other screenshot (legitimate ones, anyway) Will say Beta 2 in the 5219 Build. Also like that in the Readme file above.

Sorry for anyone who has dialup. I converted the biggest files to JPEG, but the smaller ones, I saved as PNG files so they wouldn't lose the quality. Since I know Socks was iffy about that earlier when I saved them to JPEGs. Otherwise, some of these would be 2meg files.

As for it not working on 512 meg of ram. Like I said, it is, and after testing it on my Laptop and my Desktop, I can say this:

My Laptop:

AMD 64 3400+, 512meg DDR PC2700, 80GB HDD (8GB Paritioned for Vista), Radeon 9600 64 meg of RAM:

It works okay. Pretty good most of the time. Not as good as XP does, but okay. It works better now that I installed the XP ATI 5.9 drivers instead of the Default Vista Drivers. I had to edit the registry before it'd let me use the DWM features, though, without the LDDM Vista Drivers (DWM = Fancy Graphics)


PIV 1.8GHz, 768meg RDRAM, using a 10GB drive, Radeon AIW 9200 128meg RAM:

Works. But, not great. Sometimes, even typing in this message box, it can't keep up the pace with me. And, it's not the speediest, but again, it works. The DWM didn't work by default, because my Video card isn't DX9 compatible. But, again, registry hack fixed that. So, that works.

Just thought I'd give a brief summary of how it works on my computers. My desktop for sure, isn't the best. And, even with a 64meg video card on my laptop, it's fine.

EDIT: Changed the Images to Thumbnails so anyone with dial up doesn't lose their modem. Mine probably would have fried trying to load those. Click the images to load the Original.

- Bill
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