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Originally Posted by SocKs
definatley not vista. you can see where it says under system properties...the system properties box for vista will be nothing like the XP one, you can tell he edited the text in the box too, theres a little box with static pixels.

I'm one test away from being one of the 30,000 Microsoft certified people.

You may fool other people, but i can tell you right now, Vista is not going to resemble XP or any other windows OS. If you ask me, you should be shitlisted from this forum for having that much stupidity.

A site called or somthing has all these programs to get all of these alternates for XP...Besides, Vista, is going to have a 3D desktop, not only are icons on the Y and X axis, now they are on the Z axis, and it expands to the sides.
Are you refering to my screenshots, or Navtiidia's? Because, I can assure you that mine are authentic. What do you disbelieve about them?

Since you said the System Properties, I believe you were talking about me. No, it's no edited. It's called saving images as JPEG files. They lose quality. That's why it looks strange anywhere there is text. And, as you can tell, I do have some of the windows on the Z Axis. But, that ONLY happens when you enable it, and press Windows Key + Space Bar at the same time, and it lets you alternate between windows. You can't work with them on that access. At least, not right now.

Like I said, If you're refering to me, just tell me anything and everything that is wrong with my screenshots. I'll disprove each and every one of them. If you don't believe Vista looks like the images I posted, you seriously need to do some research. That is what it looks like. The ONLY thing that IS NOT correct in the images is the sidebar in the SECOND image. The first image has the correct sidebar. The second has one I downloaded because I like it better.

You want a screenshot of any particular program or place in Vista? I'll post it for you. There are a lot of things that are easy to fake, but I'll give you that option of giving me any thing to post, and I'll do it. If you really do know so much about vista, you'll know one area that can't be faked very easily.

- Bill
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