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Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
they did what he said because at the time when they were winning they belived in it
they were all guilty
i dont care what anyone says
there just pissed they lost
there trying to make excuses up to help them sleep at night and so nobody hates them

it aint workin
If thats true then how come Dr. Milgram could prove that when faced with a situation in which they believed that they were inflicting electric shocks on to another human being, that 100% of the wide sample of people used from many locations around the world were prepared to inflict shocks of 300 volts (enough to kill someone)???

The relation between the authoritarian and the one inflicting the punishment (be it electric shocks or burning) does produce an obedient response.

Look up Milgam's study of obedience to authority 1957.

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