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Originally Posted by Soccer Dude88 View Post
Im 14 and when i masturbait I never can get a orgasm is there something wrong????
There is a good chance that the method that you are using is not optimal to achieve an orgasm in your case, and you should visit and look at different methods to see which works for you. When you masturbate don't focus so much on getting an orgasm and the things around you but rather just enjoy the sensations and things will come naturally. Also, make sure that your mind is clear of other things like problems of the day, and make sure that you are aroused when you masturbate.

There is a chance that your sex drive has not really kicked in, yet, which is totally fine at your age. Learning to masturbate is like learning how to ride a bicycle as it takes a bunch of tries to finally be successful. Don't worry if you can't get it right the first couple of tries as you just need to be patient. Remember that masturbating falls into the optional category, and if doing it just does not float your boat, then it is all right.
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