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Originally Posted by navtiidia
i got vista too
Sure you do. Okay, time for me to point out some inconsistancies. Yay.

First off. you do have the icons the right size. That's fine. Although, I dislike the Vista size of Icons. And, you do have the correct theme. But, then again, I have that same theme for XP too.

Although, first off, you have the wrong sidebar. That's just a downloadble one I put into an earlier post. The normal Vista Sidebar is more like the one in the first screenshot I posted, although, there are two variations, one that is curved, and one that is straight.

Second, Your Vista Style icons are wrong. Not the size, I don't believe, but the icons themselves. I'm sure you know your "My Computer" Icon is wrong, but other then that, your Recycle Bin icon isn't right, there is no "My Documents," and if there was, it's not on the desktop for some odd reason. The Recycle Bin icon is close, but not right. The trash piles up differently, and the Bin itself is facing the opposite way. Also, you have the wrong version of Internet Explorer. You have 6. Vista has 7. You can tell that just from the icon.

Third, the programs. DHmodtool is for ATI Mobility cards. And, you don't need that in Vista. Heck, it wont even work right with the drivers. You also have the Gimp. And, that is incompatible with Vista as of right now. It simply doesn't work. Also, you wouldn't be running games on it. Probably not the best idea. Especially seeing that just trying to play music on My AMD 64 Laptop with Vista the songs periodically stop because of different driver/other issues that haven't been worked out with it yet. The computer would probably die if you tried to play any intensive games on it.

Fourth. Your taskbar isn't Transparent. I know it doesn't have to be, because mine isn't on my laptop anymore for some reason. But, it is on my Desktop. By default, it is semitransparent.

Fifth, you're missing the little watermark at the bottom right that says the build number.

There might be other inconsistancies with it, but I'm too lazy to keep going. Anyway, you didn't give me a good screenshot of it anyway. Try taking a screenshot of the system properties, My Computer, and the Accessories Menu of your Start Menu. Then we can go off an a lot of differences.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that "My Computer is displayed as "Computer" in Vista now.

EDIT2: Those Image files on your desktop would also be in a thumb format. Not as just a Gimp Icon.

EDIT3: The font size isn't right. You can change it, but still. Not right.

Okay, I'm not going to look at it anymore, because I keep finding more issues with it. I know you weren't going for anyone believing it, since you left those folders on your desktop... But, it's still fun to point how wrong it is. You also said you would not change to vista when it came out anyway.

- Bill
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