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Default Do i got the slightest cance or what?

OK so theres this REALLY HOT girl in my school named Karley. I've been going to the sam school with her since 3rd grade. Now, you see, shes prolly the 3rd most popular girl in school (cheerleader, gymnastics, ext). and im prolly down in the 20 sumthing. so, i catch her sumtimes looking t me for periods of times and as soon as i look at her she looks away (liek i do). except some problems are: shes WAY mor epopular, if i ask her in front of her friends i blow it b/c her friends dont h8 me but they dont liek me either. and shes WAY hotter than me (even tho sum hot girls say "ur sexy")

so. do i got a chance or what?

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