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Originally Posted by Hi i am jon
no matter how you look at it nazis were just people who were not strong enough to say no hitler, for that many died, if they were to just form a gorilla unit that was actuall soldiors maybe some one could have got hitler, but there is no point on asking what if's.....i say nazi's should have retaliated, maybe get a group of people to rescue what was being held hostage....but any way they COULD have done so much more to stop it so obviously they didnt disaprove of it that much...
Re-read this jon, it wasnt that they felt it was the right thing to do. Just that it is part of human nature to follow authority. The subjects in the experiment weren't even threatened by the experimentor and they followed orders. So how can they be expected to stand up when their families lives are at stake?

Originally Posted by BornAgain
There was once a study as to whether obedience to authority in circumstances some of the germans where in was a "defect" in the german DNA or something. The study was carried out in many different locations around the world and there was a trend of 65% obeying completely with very little resistance.

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