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Hmm.. Whatever are you talking about?

You can do a lot of those effects in XP anyway. Like, the Transparencies on everything but the First Screenshot, I used "TransApp 1.1" to make them transparent.

That sidebar in the Second Screenshot is a downloadable one.

IE 7, yeah, well it's messing up. It's like taking forever to load things now, and it's like freaking out on me. And, the ATI drivers for Vista Beta 2, I guess it is, are crap. They released some for Beta 1, but they like corrupted everything on 5112, and don't even work in 5219. So, I'm using XP ATI drivers. Not everything works correctly with them, but I managed to enable the DWM (Desktop Window Management, I think it is) which controls all the fancy things anyway.

And, XP is still a lot more stable then this. That's to be expected though. For now.

I just had Windows crash on me anyway. The Video drivers messed up, and I restarted, and it wouldn't load Explorer.exe. Luckily, after I rebooted again, it worked.

Still. 5219 is a lot better then Beta 1. And, besides, if you want Vista so much, it's not that hard to get a hold of it.

I also got a x86 compatible version of OSx. But, yeah. It doesn't work very well on my computers though. Stupid thing doesn't like Newer ATI cards. Anything recent. And, that's all I have, for the most part. I managed top find an old ATI PCI card from like 1996, and that works with it, but still.

- Bill
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