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Default 50 cents can go a long way

standing there penneys in hand
like a frat boy cruching a beer can
wanna throw a punch, but dont want to touch you
i dont want to hit you, no but i pitty you
telling you to leave, please just go
get out. i dont want to look at you anymore
slowly, unsurely, your heading twards the door
fist to the chin, i want you on the floor
your so lucky, youve got people who love you
you take it all for granted, i wish i could show you
close you eyes, there too fucked up
try to talk, cant make sence, just shut the hell up
i want you gone, you dont understand
i want you here, please take my hand
well fuck you too, your the scum of the earth
food shelter or love, none of witch you diserve
you finnaly leave, i drop the roll
why am i upset, you leaving was my gole
no it wasnt, you wont learn your lesson
this is it, here i am, finnaly connfessing
your blood on my hand, i want it so bad
they call you junkie and asshole, i call you dad
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