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Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
ahhh yes boeing gave one of there airbus's a primative AI (basically it completly locks when it gets to an altitude it belives to be to low during flight)

During a show when they were trying to get people to buy the jet the pilot did a low pass so they could see it, it locked slammed into a lil wooded area and big bada boom

pilot died

9/11 happened thats what 4 planes out of how many?
Planes are extremly safe
I love flying
Ok so i know i said i wasn't goin to post anymore, but i could leave this one alone. I love aviation (in fact i happen to be a pilot).

You are absolutly right! Though small point of is a seperate company than boeing. And yes some of the airbus people thought that a pilot is fallabe and an autopilot is not, so they gave the command authority to the AP. Pretty dumb, but hey we all learn from our mistakes. Fortunatly it was just a demo flight and not a revanue flight.

As for airplanes being dangerous? Aviation is simply to regulated to be to dangerous. not just any schmuck can go out and get a liscense in like 12 hours. They make damn sure the people flying the big planes know what they are doing, and they are VERY proffesional.

I also find it highly unlikely that another plane will be used. the airlines and fed gubment have clamped down really hard and would be almost impossible to take over. Also little general aviation planes just can't cause the same damage.

A guy crashed a little cessna 150 into a building a few years ago, and just broke a few windows.

Wow sorry i tend to rant when talking airplanes. love them. live them.

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