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Why don't you try having sunflower or pumpkin seeds in the house to snack on? Fruit?

Or even try a diet such as Weight Watchers...everyone loses weight on their points system.

And if you wanna lose fat but not gain muscle do about fifty minutes of CV work out...that's what I do 'cause my muscles bulk quite easily if I do weight lifting and whatnot.

Maybe some sort of aerobic video could help you? And I know you smoke and you said you'd get tired out 'cause of your size but my Mum smokes and she still manages an hour at the gym three times a week and after and month or so your stamina levels will starts to rise and you won't find things so tough.

You have to stay positive I suppose and try new things...try healthier foods, and simply have an open mind to things...maybe you could ask your doctor or nutritionalist (however the heck you spell it) what road you're best to take.

*shrugs* My two pence.

<3 tasha.

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<3 tasha.
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