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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

ok There was a fat blonde talking to her cat and they were spying on her friend's date with a geek then the cat says i though geeks only cared about homework and internet ao the blonde says wow cat you stereotypical bitch and then you'll say all fat blondes like to eat ice cream,corn dogs too right so the cats says you said it not me then the blonde say and pizza,cake,donuts,pretzel,chips,cotton candy,hot dogs,and dog in general then the cat says this is Japan not Korea

the emo girl told her friend to look for sites in her micro computer and the fat blonde says did someone say microwave

Narrator: in a dark place far way a stalker is using magic
Stalker: Double double tole and trouble I don't remember F#$%^N your mom in my calderon call me up honey hellllloo
Calderon:You have entered the correct password i shall now inform you of a secret fact that no one know hence forth it is a secret
Stalker: is it the information of the person i'm stalking
Calderon: Random fact 0019 Eric wants to be a pirate for halloween
Stalker: What the F#@K
Calderon: Well you are talking to a calderon what do you expect
Calderon: Random fact 0369 Clocks are not adulates projectile weapons
Stalker: Yea thanks I will keep it in mind

"When Life gives you lemons make grape juice then sit down and let the world wonder how you did it" [/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER]
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