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Originally Posted by Hi i am jon
You are all disrespectfull as hell. Yeah this country has it's problesm just like the next. Yeah Bush made mistakes when he was younger, yeah he made a mistake with the huricane. I am suprised he was not impeached for that, but staying on topic.
How, he did not commit any crime of any sorts.

People are going and fighting a war so we can say that. Anyway no one is forced to say the plege, but every one should. People are going out to war and dying so we can say what we want, how the hell do you think they feel when they see protesters and people with signs saying stop the war or what ever. So as people get sent out to die we complain about the littlest things like under god.... If you have a problem dont say it i guess, but they should not take it out! Thats just insane....
Thank you!

I don't belive in god because ever since i thought "Why warship someone who's existence is questionable" but i wont be a bitch about this... It is not teaching us anything about god so let it be... Sure if it was talking about god, but no its just a few simple meaningless words.....
Again, Thank you!
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