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Originally Posted by cosmos
i hate devout religious bastards like you. oh god says abortion is bad does he? fuck you. fuck your religion that destroys peoples freedoms and liberties such as right to not have a baby. anti choice people like you make me sick. theres nothing wrong with abortion, it hurts nobody
You fucking twat. I hope you burn in hell
Religon does not take away from your freedoms and rights you stupid cunt. It sets moral and social boundrys, that without, this earth would be a fucking mess. Relegion sets up basic rules. Don't steal from your neighbor, don't act like a fucking douche bag, etc. And without religion, where would our morals come from? Would we even have any morals? What the fuck is wrong about asking for help from a higher power in a time of need? What the fuck is wrong with hoping for peace, and good health for you and your family?
Its douche bags like you that try and make all of that seam like a bad thing, which it is NOT.
People should not have the right to abort a baby. Every time they get pregnant, they should not be allowed to have a doctor shove a beater up their pussy and have it scramble everything up( That doesnt happen, but its kinda funny to imagin it.).
Abortion does hurt someone. The fucking baby that was about to come into this world will no longer beable to enjoy life. Thats who it hurts.Everything is wrong with abortion.
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