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I am a quarter german with blonde hair and blue eyes, just as the Nazi's preferred (aryans). I have always been on really good terms with the germans and it was only 2 years ago (age 14) did I learn of the things that the Nazi's did. I have been called a Nazi and been subject to loads of anti-german "jokes". It is not fair, not called for and definately not who I am.

To be honest I feel as if the germans are recieving a very poor publicity still for events 60 years ago. They are not all evil Jew hating murderous beings. If anything they are less likely to forgive themselves for letting such atrocities occur in the first place than anyone else.

Hitler was a good political leader and provider for the german people. He promised jobs, money, warmth and the such like and he delivered. Do Bush and Blair deliver on eveything they promise??

The term Holocaust was not created by the Nazi's, as many think. It originates back thousands of years. There was a massive persecution of the Jews in northern England (the first Holocaust) and many occured world wide between then and 1941. It wasn't just the Germans.

There was once a study as to whether obedience to authority in circumstances some of the germans where in was a "defect" in the german DNA or something. The study was carried out in many different locations around the world and there was a trend of 65% obeying completely with very little resistance.

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