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Default i got ditched :/

alright, yeah i problly shouldnt post so much but eh who really cares as long as im not to big of a dumbass...

well anyway, i used to like this girl, i was absolutley crazy over her, but she liked me too (i didnt know) but she pushed me away and then i was talkin to this girl paulina about it and she was really nice sayin like who wouldnt like you blah blah blah and then we were talkin a lot, and then my cousin put me on the spot and i hada ask her out, even though i never felt that way about her i decided she was nice and atleast deserved a chance, so we went out she lived like 25 miles away, so we just talked on the phone a lot, at first i was really shy about it and like didnt talk or anything but then eventually i realized how happy i was when i talked to her so we were going to go to the movies the next day, and i got ready and all that then at the last minute she calls me and says she is sick, so just went on AIM and then i was talking to the girl i origianlly liked and she was like "why arent you out with paulina?" i was like "she is sick" then she said "she is online..." but she wasnt on my screen, so i knew right then she blocked me >:O, and then she told the girl i used to like i was just too boring, so yeah then i signed on with a diffrent screen name and it did not go well, and paulina still dont talk she says she is sorry and stuff but i choose not to forgive her, the girl i originally like turned out to be a total bitch.......and thats my story......

<3 Katie
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