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Default my beautifull hands :'(

alright so about a year ago i noticed i had a little bump on my hand , near my thumb, but i just left it at that a few months later one was on my other hand and they got larger the following month they hurt so i had my mommy take me to the bone doctor and they said they didnt know it was a groth spurt, then the next month the pain got a lot lot worse so i went to a new doctor he was a complete ass he made us wait for 2 hours then he glanced at my hands and was like its normall and fucking left!, soooo i decided to be a man and deal with it but latley they got a tiny bigger and now somtimes i can bearly use my hands at all because it paralizes it somtimes, also i cany apply preasure to my right hand it makes my wrist feel like it will snap, any one have any advice, connections, anything? i really need help on this one!

<3 Katie
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