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Default am i an ass, or are chicks just crazy

alright, so when i like a girl i do not act diffrently then i ever do, maybe a little nicer but basicly the same,they never really end up liking me but shh, then when i am talking to some one who just pissed me off recently i get all bitchy to them and am a complete ass, but those girls are the girls that end up liking me, like this one girl the other day she was really depressed and i helped cheer her up she said thank you blah blah blah then she was really depressed again and we were fighting at the time so i was a real ass about it i was like "just go fucking kill yourself" and stuff like that but now we are closer than ever, this happens with a lot of girls too, i dont get it........ so am i an ass......or are girls just crazy and like to be treated badly?......

<3 Katie
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