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yeah see the thing is tho, i play video games and stuff but the anger is always going to sit there, well the two main problems of my life is problly when my dad died he had been drinking at a bar and drove home crashed two times and died...but i was the last one to talk to him that day when he took me to school, he and my bi-polar sister had just fought and my mom yelled at my dad for yelling at my sister heh,..well on the way to school he said "im not even sure if anybody wants me here" i did not understand at the time what he ment but i do now, and knowing he crashed two times i know he ment to do it, but non of my family knows this, so i have always kept that inside as well, and the other reason is my bi-polar sister, yeah she is bi-polar i will cut her some slack, but she uses it to her advantage, to get her own way, thats how its been as long as i can remember, she would always get violent and hit me and my other brother and sister, but we werent allowed to hit her back, and once my dad died she was unstopable, so after a year or so my mom finally said fuck it hit her back, the police were over every day calming her down, she went to juvy like 3 times, i think she is still on probation....but eventually my brother and one of my sisters told my mom she could not come back and live with us she would have to stay with our grandpa, she did get a little better but then she was getting back to her physco self, like always screaming at my mom but my mom could never do anything to her because my dad was always the mean one lol, so it was back to she lives with my uncle, she visits a lot she has gotten much better, she is usually like a normall sister now, but i forgave her so many times i just doubt it will stay this way, that and in the back of my mind i blame her for my dad's my life at home is usually what sucks, at school its never great because i still dont fit in at this school, better than the last but i have a few friends here, so i dont really know what to do, at school its not cool because i get pissed there, then at home its worse because all the family crises.......i try to keep my mind off the stuff but its always going to be there and not go away......i guess looking at it nothing i can really do will solve anything i want to be solved.....

<3 Katie
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