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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

this made me crack up after i first read it. if youve never heard a newfie you may not get the humor in this.

the ten commandments in Newfinese:

1. Ders jus one Lard
2. ‘Onor yer Mudder ‘n Fadder
3. No tellin’ jigs ‘n yarns
4. Go on tad eh Sundee meetin b’y.
5. Dere’s nuttin befare deh ‘oly Lard
6. No foolin ‘round wit anudder buddy’s missus
7. No killin’
8. Mine yer mout' now
9. Never mind ‘bout which t’aint yers
10. Never mind ‘bout yer buddy’s stuff

try figuring that out without looking it up on the internet.

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