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Hi i am jon
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Hi im jon, also known as josh because on the back of my school ID, they put josh instead of jon so i have two names now....well im 13 birthday is april 21st, never cared for, i like music like as i lay dying metallica, just heavy stuff like that, i also do like nickel back and 3 doors down and some other softer bands, but usally i stick with metal, i live in winfield illinois its by chicago..., in 8th grade i have brown hair im 5'7 i am into cars i also like making graphics on the computer (in photoshop) im just now getting into flash, i go door to door soliciting saying "Hi im jon im trying to earn a $4000 scholar ship to get into college all i need for you to do is try out the courier/beacon/suntimes/chicago i dont reallly do much nowa days i just moved here from streamwood illinois (a subburb close by...) yeah that was really bad i am not racist but every one was mexican, i have nothing against hispanics but these people all tried to be ghetto and they just plain off pissed me off, so there were three groups in my old school really, mexican black or rich and preppy form all the people who live in a rich town right next to streamwood named bartlett, i didnt really fit in too well so i was a loner that year, had no friends haha, welll i have one brother one brother in law, 3 sisters, also a step brother--but i dont consider him family...i am the youngest tho, my favorite pet is a dog, im actually really good with animals and little kids, and thats about it for me, i plan on being on this site for a while so better get used to me ........
cya all around

<3 Katie
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