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Default what can i do with my anger?

alright, i dont mean to sound like "emo" but, i have a pretty bad life. my dad died when i was 9, a day before my birthday, and my sister is bipolar but kind of destroyed the family, i would rather not get into detail, but the thing is my mom always puts me in counseling every time she does i wont talk at all because i dont really want to talk to some one who just says how does that make you feel, to every one i talk to i just act like im always in a great mood, smile when im mad or sad or what ever, but i know i shouldnt bottle up the emotions because then i will just snap and get myself into trouble, but i dont know what to do, my mom has a hard enough life as it is so i dont really want to bother her with my problems, me or any of my brothers and sisters dont talk, and execpt for when we go to the cemetery not a word is spoken about my dad, its on its 4th year now, and.....well the family has gone to shit, my whole dads side of the family talks bad about my mom and my mom knows this, and yeah, i dont want to get into detail, just a lot of stuff like that, then once i get too fed up i will get into a fight, i usually win but last time i got my ass handed to me and got my nose broke.....i dont know what to do tho, i looked for ways but there i cant find a way to put all my anger away....any one have any ideas?

<3 Katie
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