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Anyway lol, so the dance is over right? I hope you had a good time!
I actually didn't go to the dance, but that will come into the story a little bit later

today i went to a festival, and looked around to see if carly was there (i only do that when i really like someone), and after awhile, i met up with my friend there who had been to the dance. he told me that ryan and carly danced (after that i was glad i hadn't gone), and then i asked him if they were going out. he said yes. i had had a great day until then, and then it just went downhill from there. my stomach started hurting really badly and i was like stumbling around everywhere. the other day, when my friend's girlfriend broke up with him, he said "know i know what it feels like to have a broken heart." i laughed subconciously and didn't believe him, until then. if you don't believe in a broken heart, then you've never had one. anyway, the whole drive home i felt like shit, and then i got here and got online (just a few minutes ago). i was talking to my friend zak (the one who i origanlly thot was going to ask her) he told me that he was only going to ask her out as a plan b, and that made me feel a little better, and then i asked him if ryan and carly were going out, and he said no. so now im really confused. anyway, i told him that i liked carly, and i must have been really obvious about everything cause afterawhile he said, "your really crazy about her, arent you" then he started making this whole plan to invite a bunch of people to the movies including me and her and get us to sit together and stuff. for once he was actually acting like a friend. my stomach still hurts, and i cant focus to study for a big test tomorrow, if i even feel well enough to go to school. anyway, i thot id just make that update.

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