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Originally Posted by .Swirling Blues.
hmm, This isnt meant to take wrongly. I still think looting is bad, but who else would take and use the stuff from a demolished store? So at least the stuff is being put to use. Im beginning to wonder.
I would!
In a case like that I'd take that shit in a heart beat!
My family used to own a grocery store aight you cant tell me shit
those stores are totaled all the perishable shit would be thrown out the second the owner got there because it would be no good. Allot of the non perishable products would be damaged and have to be thrown out as well. Not to mention after a blow like that the entire cities info structure would be fucked aka allot of stores are going to declare bankruptcy.

Not to mention they have insurance!
It could save my life or the life of those I care about

I wouldnt take TVs, Computers etc
But I would take anything I could get my hands on that would help me survive

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