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I think there is something that you hippies don't understand. That is just the nature of forign policy. Countries get screwed all the time by every other country. tis the name of the game. War happens, which is "polotics by other means" and civilians die. Granted that is wrong, but they where not the target in the first place. therefore, there is no justification for killing thousands of us.

ok same situation. othelo you say you are middle eastern? Well what if i said i think you should die simply because middle eastern people were responsible for the world trade center attack? Karma you say? "but i wasn't even involved!" well guess what, neither were the people in the world trade center involved in killing thousands of middle eastern people on a daily basis. See the relationship?

America was involved in bad forign policy therefore inoccent americans should die.

Middle eastern people carried out the attacjs therefore innocent middle eastern people should die.

Note, i am not saying we should kill middle eastern people. i am just saying that according to your karma theory, we have just as much right as blowing you up as the terrorists did in blowing up the WTC
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