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Ok i seriously don't think that the Nazi party could ever come back. The situations that allowed for adolf to come to power were very unique. i think that combonation is VERY unlikely. The climate is just not right. anywhere.

As for the germans being FORCED? Well they wheren't exactly forced at first. not the majority of Germans anyway. You see hitler had what the germans wanted. an answer to the question of why germany sucked so much all of the sudden and how to fix it. The nazi party grow exponentialy after hitler joined (from several dozen attendees at rallies to over 4 or 5 thousand in the matter of weeks). He simply had all the answers they wanted. It didn't come until later (circa 1934) when EXTENSIVE use of violence by the SA was needed to "covince" people to join.

As for the antisemitism, well there really is no forgiving that. it is true that a LOT of nazis where in fact not racist. Hell the curent pope was a nazi. The semetic problem just wasn't all that much in the fore ground. True there was always a undertone of it around, and hitler pretter much blamed the jews since the early 20s for the decline of germany, but at the time before he became chancellor and disolved the Wiemer Republic, there were just to many other HUGE issues to deal with. in fact did you know a lot of the early NAZI party big whigs where totaly against hitlers emantic views?

Well anywho that is WAY to much babling for one sitting. although it is all true babling. feel free to look it up. Oh by the way just to be clear i think there is no forgiving Nazis for murder of all the interned in camps. though it is kinda touchy when you consider the historic nature of German loyalty dating back centuries.

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