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i have had a couple. One i was in this shop and i was...this is really discusting....i was giving this like 50 yr. old man a BJ

and another i was at the carnival in bethany on fourth of july (me and my "friends" families) Any way me my sis and the friend lizy were waiting for the fireworks to start and my sis went to get some drinks. some music was playing in the background so i asked Lizy to dance and she said sure. we were dancing and i told her that i was in love and she said with who ( as this is being said we are starting to move closer until our bodies touch) and i whispered in her ear, " You" she lifted her head from my shoulder and looked into my eyes and we kissed as the fireworks started in the distance.

Another concerning Lizy is we were at her house and we were about to leave for the Atlantic Coast and i "accadentaly" left my journal there. we left she read my journal and then we were on the fairy and i heard a voice behind me say you know you left this at my house as i turned around she jumped, put her arms around my neck, wrapped her legs around my waist and started making out with me. i have never had a wet dream but i do Jack off enough that i wouldn't now would i
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