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Originally Posted by IndigoHorizon View Post
Okay, I made an account specifically to reply to this thread, as the information posted here about DXM is VERY innaccurate.

As a long term user of DXM in high doses, I've studied, and experienced far more than all of you most likely have. The truth about DXM is that it's virtually harmless if abused PROPERLY. We're talking long term effects, here. The damage it does to your system is about as minimal as eating mushrooms or taking acid, which have also been proven to be virtually harmless in medical studies and by people that have used these substances thousands of times with no negative effects, save for depleted brain cells (and keep in mind, you've got billions of these, you kill brain cells just getting through the day, they were meant to be burned off.)

As for the permanent mental effects, you can expect next to none unless you're mentally unstable to begin with, and nothing of extreme concern will come about with an 800MG dose of Dextromethorphan, or lower, anyway (I do not advise a higher dose than this as it CAN cause health complications in some users.)

I advise all of you not to experiment with this, But if you do, make sure that the only ACTIVE INGREDIENT listed on the box is Dextromethorphan HBr, or Dextromethorphan polistirex.

The effects can be unpleasent though, kids, so be careful.

ok first of all, yeah, u have millions of brain cells but they dont just burn out and come back thats not how it works. once there gone there gone and ive done alot of that shit and im fucking retarded now from it. "permanent mental effects, you can expect next to none " - r u fuckin kiding me? dude, u do realise this shit can cause damage to your brain and cause you to have a mental dissorder for the rest of ur life, dont u?. n u do realize that dxm goes to the brain to help stop ur cough n when taken at high doses, it just fucks ur brain up, dont u? listen 2 me man, i've done it a lot more than u have n i will continue only because it just pure fuckin bliss 2 me but i've had many hospital visits, because of overdoses, n i've been told by doctors that it would be in my best interest 2 stick 2 street drugs CAUSE THIS SHIT CAN KILL U (not that a lot of street drugs cant). i dont worry bout it because, i kno what im doin, n i've done my research. but that doesnt mean its harmless. FAR FROM IT. kid, u dont kno what ur talkin bout. i kno enough so that i dont have 2 worry bout killing myself, but that doesnt mean i dont think about what effects it can have on me in the future. let me note that, if u trip once or twice on this shit, you'll be fine (just kno what ur doin b4 u pop mad pills or down cough syrup). but reagular use is not somethin u should aim for. i never planned on it but i fuckin love it so much man. haha. its just otherworldy. i've done shrooms, coke, acid, ketamine.. the list could go on, but my point is nothin compares to this drug for me. (eveyones different tho). BE SAFE KIDS
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