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Originally Posted by the_hope_house
I had a sex dream that made me angry a little.
You see, there's this kid that went to borading school with me. We went to a boarding school for the arts, and both of us played jazz saxophone. I hated him because he had no compassion and couldn't put himself in other people's shoes and didn't really give much a damn about them. But all the girls liked him because he was such a good sax player and really really cute. I liked him because he had generally a good personality and admired his skill in music, but I hated him because he didn't know how to treat people and that he was that kind of person you had to be careful with because he knew how to woo women. He had so much sex it was ridiculous, and I'm sure all of the girls he used never really got to know him because he depresonalizes them when he uses them for sex. He always looked at me cause I was the only girl who challenged him and told him to shut up whenever he acted stupid or arrogant. One night I was sleeping in my dorm and had a dream that I was naked and on my hands and knees and he was...erm...really going at it. You know, it felt as if we were really having sex. I kept telling myself to stop and that it was wrong, but he kept having sex with me and it felt so good. When I woke up I felt like biting the covers because I was so angry.
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