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Default Re: I need some advice from fellow ocd sufferers!

Ultimately, this is up to you. Do you want loads of people to know that you have a mental illness? It can have beneficial effects on people's attitudes to you (being more tolerant of some of your behaviours, for example) but it can have negative effects on their attitudes too. Young people can be particularly cruel. Before you decide to tell people, you should think really long and hard about this.

I don't share diagnoses with friends. I got a lot of stick from people at school because I was depressed so nowadays I keep my labels pretty much just to myself. Obviously there are exceptions to this, like when I need someone to confide in about it or related problems but I choose these people carefully.

I don't think the labels we are given matter when it comes to friendships and other social situations. What matters is that we have good friends, a good support system for when things go tits up and that we are working on overcoming or managing our difficulties.

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