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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

You may have heard this one, but it's funny:

A doctor is lecturing to some students. He has a dead body lying on the table, he says to the students, "Right, when being a doctor you must listen and concentrate on everything, you must also do things that are not...pleasant"
The doctor throws back the sheet covering the body and sticks his finger up the dead mans anus and licks his finger. He then says "Right, now you do it"
So all the students stick there finger up the man's anus and lick it. After they've all done it the doctor folds back the sheet and smiles at them.
"As i said, concentration and listenting skills" he holds up his index finger, "This is the finger i used up the man's anus," he holds up his middle finger, "But what you didn't notice is that i sucked this one"

It's pretty disgusting, but it's clever and i thought it was funny bad.

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