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Originally Posted by chinchilla_roxors
lol for some reason i find it funny that your laptop is more powerful than your desktop
I've been told that before.

Why do you find it funny? I got my Desktop for free, and I bought my laptop. If I had the money, I can assure you I'd have a better Desktop.

Besides, I'm using my Laptop more recently then my Desktop.

My Desktop runs faster then my laptop does sometimes. But, that's because of the HDD speed, and the RAM. My laptop's drive is 4200RPM, while my Desktop's is 7200RPM. I'd also like to upgrade the RAM in my Laptop to 1.0GB, and again, if I had the money, I would do it.

But, overall, my Laptop is much faster. The only things it's slower on, is Loading things which require a lot of reading from the HDD. Otherwise, my desktop is slower.

- Bill
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