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Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
Originally Posted by nwshc
Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
Innocent until proven guilty
Not the other way around
If I recall, you automatically said Micheal Jackson was guilty, when he was proven innocent. But I also did to so I can't use that.
But you get my point.
Nick how about you have someone molest and beat you for four years
then tell me that this isnt a soft spot for you

I said he's guilty cause as far as i'm concerned that piece of shit is!

The man that did that to me was white, do i hate all white guys? No
The man that murderd a girl i cared a great deal about was white, does that mean I should treat all white guys like shit? No
O ya? How about haveing middle eastern people hell bent on destroying america, and they kill all of your family members. Would you have a soft spot there? YES. And thus you would most likely hate the middle eastern people becasuse of that loss.
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