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Default Re: No-Suicide Pledge

Originally Posted by serial-thrilla View Post
I dont really agree with this pledge. I'm not depressed or suicidal at all but there are many circumstances (none of them likely) in which i would commit suicide.
The strength of this is that if you decide right now at a time when you know you're thinking clearly that suicide will never be the answer for you, then later if you come to a point where you feel it might be you can remember this and know you're wrong, which could save your life someday. Of course, if you're taking this seriously enough that the wording bothers you (which is a good thing, actually), you can always vow to something along the same lines that you can agree with. For example:

I, Avalikia, will never again believe that nobody would miss me if I was gone, that there is nothing worth living for, or that it's possible to sink so low that I can't get up again.

Yep, I think that about covers it.
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