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Default Re: OCD Precum final update

Originally Posted by Nokia_2002 View Post
So what do you guys think about the morality of it all? Has anybody felt the same way as me, like a bad person for possibly leaving some precum behind? Do you even think of it at all? Why wouldn't I be a bad person if I do happen to leave some somewhere?
I would bring alcohol wipes because they'll dissolve any precum that's left on your bodies that makes you uncomfortable (just don't apply them directly to your penises obviously). It's my philosophy that leaving precum behind in nature is almost exactly the same as leaving water or fruit or something behind. It's fluid, completely natural since it's produced by your body and it doesn't harm any flora or fauna. If anything, it supplies them with small amounts of nutrients. You're giving something back, not corrupting. It also biodegrades quickly.If, during the process of enjoying yourselves, you happen to leave some fluid behind, it's not going to hurt anyone or anything and make you immoral. You aren't polluting or littering. I know mental illnesses aren't something you can just wish away with logic but hopefully that helps. I hope you guys have fun and aren't distracted by irritable brain functions.
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