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Default OCD Precum final update

My therapist and I came to the conclusion that bottom line my OCD revolves around moral scrupulosity, i.e. whether it is moral or not to leave some precum behind myself.
Now my only concern is when I might have sex outside. It is spring and trust me I won't be violating the law if I decide to have sex outside. I am gay and me and my partner both leak a lot of precum. If we are outside hands go down and touch precum leaking when both of us are aroused and then those same hands touch other parts of the body, such as my hair, face etc. At home I don't have a problem, as I am taking a shower after sex, but outdoors that won't be possible right away. So I feel grossed out to be covered in precum all the way to home and being extremely cautious as to not touch my hair since there is probably precum there. My train of thought is" what if I touch my hair and then forget to wipe my hands and touch something else?" And then forget to wipe clean whatever I have touched? That causes me intense anxiety as my brain is telling me that I am guilty of being immoral and a bad person for not making every effort to ensure precum doesn't land on anything.
So what do you guys think about the morality of it all? Has anybody felt the same way as me, like a bad person for possibly leaving some precum behind? Do you even think of it at all? Why wouldn't I be a bad person if I do happen to leave some somewhere?
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