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I realise that London was struck to
and I know you wont lose I never said you would
I mean....seriously duh

Its not weither you'll win or not its do you have the right to treat people from the middle east worse then everyone else at checks?

I dont think you do

Inocent untill proven guilty
Not the other way around
They should be treated no diffrently then you or I

I dont know allot about the IRA i'll admit that right now

But arent most of its members white?
Arent they terrorists?
Does that mean every white irishmen should be treated diffrently? of course not!!

What i'm trying to say is the color of there skin
the language they speak
the religion they follow
does not dictate weither there terrorists or not
Very few people from the middle east are terrorists

They've done nothing to you
there as inocent as you or me or you -points at person reading-
they dont deserve to be treated like second class
like they've done something wrong when they havent

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