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i dont think u will find anyone here who will agree with you that we were crippled. the terror attacks brought our country closer togeather in ways not possible by any other means. the only way we will lose the war on terror is if people insist we are losing; if people hope we are losing; and if people support us losing. everyone who wants to pull out of iraq fits all 3 categories. the only way terrorists win is when people let them. people in the middle east hate the western civilized world, its not just us. people burn british flags and french flags too ya know. its not like america is the center of all hate in the world, but all the hate it attracks seams to come from the middle east? why is that? i dunno but its definately accurate so i feel no mercy when discriminating against them. they are dirtbags. u said yourself that whole region is just "piss poor" and it doesnt matter if they get nuked or nothin.
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