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Originally Posted by cosmos
oh haha cody using religion as an example? lol

the fact of the matter is that the percentage of religious extremists who want the western world to die is higher than the percentage of caucasian people. which means i have to fear the middle east more than lets say, italy.
Not the western world just america

an EXTREMLY small amount of islamics want you dead

Like i said more whitties are killing other whitties in america with guns every year then terrorists have in years.

I don't care what color someones skin is or what there religion is, i hate them all equally
what can I say
i'm an ass at heart

Theres a much higher chance of u dying in ur car then because of a terrorist

So stop freakin out about them

I mean honestly how could you let 3 planes (not including the one brave enough to fight back) cripple the most powerful country on the planet and for so long i mean its 2005 ur still terrified...they've already won {yes i realise ur iradicating them as we speak, i mean emotionally}

Just because someone is or looks like there from the middle east dosent mean they want to hurt you
and dosent give u the right to treat them like crap

I mean dont get me wrong on my last trip to victoria they took me aside and swabed my back pack for explosives
I was so touched that they though i was ambitious enough or gave a piss about them to do that
it was sooo sweet

But not everybody likes that

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